Fix kit

Fix kit


To keep your toys in good condition, we offer this repair kit. Even if the wood has natural antibacterial properties and we love the patina that the toy acquires over time, sometimes your toys need a little TLC.

We recommend cleaning your wooden toys with a simple solution of vinegar or a mild soap with a little warm water. Wipe gently with a cloth and then allow the toys to air dry.

If you want to recover the soft finish of your toy, use the very fine grit sandpaper to buff it out in the direction of the fiber of the wood to avoid cross-grain scratches.

If more protection is needed, apply the beeswax as a sealer. The beeswax provides protection and a soft and warm finish that produces a matt shine on the wood and is safe for your children. Keep in mind that the wax will slightly modify the tone of the toy.


This set consists of a very fine sandpaper, a 1 oz tin of Certified Beeswax mixed with Pure Sweet Almond Oil and a linen cloth to apply the mix to the toy. Everything is conveniently packed in a cotton bag.


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