It rocks!

It rocks!


These interlocking rocks are an incredible tool for young babies that assist them in the development of their ability to grip pieces and move them between their two hands. This not only helps in the improvement of their fine motor skills, but also in the refinement of their hand-eye coordination. 

These rocks also help soothe teething babies by comforting and relieving tender gums. Additionally, because this toy stimulates chewing motions, it encourages babbling, a stepping stone in your baby's journey to say his / her first words.

Babies don't need many toys to stimulate their development, which is why versatile ones like this are key in their exploration of play.  


We use well sanded European beechwood coated with beeswax to ensure a smooth finish and make our teethers safe for children. Please note wood have different hues so sometimes the color of the toy may differ slightly from the one on the image.

This set is composed of three pieces of 76 mm (3'') approximate diameter and 9 mm (0.35'') thickness. The whole set is conveniently packed in a cotton bag.


Recommended for ages 6 months and up. Use under adult supervision.

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