Scout fleet

Scout fleet


Pretending to be sailors or pirates is one of the favorite pastimes of children. By playing with this set of boats, the child unfolds his imagination creating his own adventures while improving his fine motor skills by stacking, counting, creating patterns and learning concepts such as balance, gravity and shape.

Adding color or other distinctive to some of its pieces, this game allows the tic tac toe game, which is easy to carry for our little explorers.


We use beautifully sanded European beechwood with our toys to ensure they are safe for children. We do not use burnishes because we love the patina the toy acquires over time, but you could apply any natural oil or beeswax from time to time if a more standard finish is desired. Please note wood have different hues so sometimes the color may differ slightly from the one on the image.

This set is composed of nine pieces of 9 mm (0.35'') thickness. Each boat measures 5 cm (2'') long and 4 cm (1.6'') tall. Each set comes with a navy blue cotton lace one yard long (90cm). Everything is conveniently packed in a beautiful cotton bag for easy carrying.


Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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