Tracing Name

Tracing Name


Our aim is to help children learn to recognize their name by tracing it. Because the tactile experience of tracing is an easy way to learn and help children develop fine motor skills.

Providing young children with rich writing experiences can lay a foundation for later reading success. Research has proven that the physical act of writing improves brain development in the areas of thinking, language and memory.

In this era of computers and touch screens we are detaching ourselves from the old art of writing. Learning how to write cursive is becoming a special and beautiful skill. Because for us handwriting is still important, we encourage children to connect letters from their names.


We use beautifully sanded European beechwood with our toys to ensure they are safe for children. We do not use burnishes to enable the child to trace it with crayons or paint, but you could apply any natural oil or beeswax from time to time if a more standard finish is desired.

Please note wood have different hues so sometimes the color may differ slightly from the one on the image. Except the length which depends on the chosen name the measures are:

(inches) height 3.54'', thickness 0.35''

(cm) 90 mm and thickness 9 mm


Our primary objective is to simplify the tracing process for children so we often use all lowercase letters (including for the first one). If you prefer that we capitalize the first letter, please let us know.

To avoid wood warping, very long names are not recommended. Composite names with two words must be ordered separately, except if both are very short. If in doubt, send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Recommended for children who are ready to start writing, 4 to 6 years old.

We’ll be happy to add a gift note on request.

Please read our shopping policies carefully before ordering. 

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